A settlement has been reached in a class-action lawsuit against Grays Harbor Community Hospital over the data breach last June. Grays Harbor residents have been receiving mailers notifying them of their rights to be included.

Compensation appears to be based on damages you may have incurred as a result of the data breach. If you were notified by Grays Harbor Public Hospital of the June 2019 Data Incident, you may be eligible to be included. However, the lawsuit stipulates that you will need the claim number on the card you received in the mail recently from the firm.

The Lawsuit claims that Grays Harbor was responsible for the Data Incident and asserts claims such as: violation of the Washington State Uniform Healthcare Information Act; violation of the Washington State Consumer Protection Act; negligence; intrusion upon seclusion/invasion of privacy; violation of the Washington State Constitution’s right to privacy; breach of express contract; and breach of implied contract. The Lawsuit seeks, among other things, payment for persons who were injured by the Data Incident.

Grays Harbor Community Hospital has denied and continues to deny all of the claims made in the Lawsuit, as well as all charges of wrongdoing or liability against it.

The deadline to submit a claim is December 23rd, you can find details about CHELCIE BAILEY V. GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY PUBLIC HOSPITAL et al. at ghchsettlement.com