An Aberdeen woman told police she was stabbed in the back at the campsite along the Chehalis River in Aberdeen last night.

Sgt. Steve Timmons tells us two Aberdeen Police Officers patrolling the area were called to a domestic violence call between two females at the campsite Wednesday evening. Police separated the two but released both as neither was cooperating with their investigation.

A couple of hours later one of the two, a 33-year-old transient, called police from the hospital. She said she had been stabbed in the back during an altercation at the campsite. A press release from the department said that the woman explained during the fight she felt a sharp pain on her back. She initially hadn’t known she was stabbed but came to that realization shortly thereafter. Even at the hospital, the victim was still reluctant to pursue a criminal complaint, noting a distant familial connection with her assailant, a 39-year old Hoquiam woman.

The original officers were sent back to investigate the scene, and they were able to locate and secure evidence to the stabbing. The victim provided a statement about what happened, but also requested and sign a Waiver of Prosecution. The matter has been referred to the Grays Harbor County Prosecutor’s Office for consideration of charging.

Timmons said police continue to investigate but are running into difficulties with un-co-operative witnesses and victims.