The Willapa Valley School District is crossing their teacher’s picket lines today to open the High School during the Teachers’ Strike. An update to the district’s website explains that staff will greet students in the north parking lot of the school. Students will enter and exit through the gym entrance away from picket lines. The Pacific County Department of Public Works will block off Viking Way, the road in front of the school, to traffic and the doors to the building will remain locked throughout the day. 117 students of the high school will meet with a total of 4 instructors for a teacher to student ratio of almost 30:1.

The district’s operating plan for the strike describes three subjects of focus, Math and Science students will research a STEM project and “Shark Tank” a new product. English students will research the impeachment process, and students will have access to the weight room for PE or the Computer Lab for scholarships.

Seniors who attend will each be credited with one day of attendance. These days will not need to be made up at the end of the school year.

The Pacific County school district with about 300 students has been negotiating with about 25 teachers since last Summer. Superintendent Nancy Morris said competitive pay remains a talking point at the bargaining table.

Lori Snodgrass (who possesses food handler’s card) will get assistance from students who have food handlers’ cards to prepare and serve meals. The district said that there is plenty of food and milk at the school, and in fact, opening school will help to limit the spoilage that may happen over the holiday break. Open lunch will be allowed beginning Friday, Dec. 13, but parents should be aware that picketers may be in front of the school.

Lunch Menus: Thursday—Pizza and salad. Friday—Chicken burgers, fries, salad.