The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services has a new tool to help servicemen find work with the skills they learned in the military.

The Military Skills Translator is an easy-to-navigate search engine recently released. Users enter their branch of service and military operations code to look for employment opportunities at all Washington state agencies that match their skills and expertise.

Having trained with the Army to drive an M1-A1 Tank, and then transitioning to Field Artillery, I can personally relate to not finding a relevant job when leaving the service.

DSHS Secretary Cheryl Strange said on Friday. “DSHS is committed to hiring veterans for the many fine qualities and skills they bring to the workforce. This tool will help them find where they can put their experience to good use.”

Strange Credited Ben Lloyd, Senior Recruiter with DSHS’ Human Resources Division who had the vision for the project and identified resources to make it happen, and Ben Hitchcock, an HRD Human Resources Information Systems Data Analyst who built the translator tool.