After completing the last three pontoons for the new State Route 520 floating bridge last month, work at the Aberdeen Casting Basin is winding down. Contractor Kiewet General is preparing the site. Pontoon Manager Dustin Donahoo told Port Commissioners last week “What we call ‘mothballed’ when we’re done. The crane rail beams will be there, some of the pre-casts that we put in like all of the precast beds those stay but some of the casts that we put in, they’re having us take those out.”  Donahoo said Kiewet plans to remove the remaining cranes and other equipment in the coming month. While the gate that allows water into the basin will remain, the large pumps that drain it are being removed.  

Donahoo joked with Port Commissioners “You guys decide you want to buy it I wish you’d hurry then we could maybe leave some of the stuff that we’re going to demo.” The Port has shown interest in the property, but it is owned by the state and subject to surplus property laws.

The site was purchased by the Department of Transportation in 2011 to build the largest 33 of 77 pontoons needed for a replacement bridge over Lake Washington. Program Manager Julie Meredith said last month that they will assess the property this summer.

WSDOT said in 2011 that future plans for the site could include reopening for pontoon construction, selling it, or decommissioning the site and restoring it to previous conditions.

Aberdeen Casting Basin - Port of Grays Harbor - 2013