A Westport man was arrested last week after police found child pornography on his home computer.

A press release from the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office said that the initial investigation started while the 68-year-old was living in Aberdeen. A search warrant was served at the man’s home, and computers and media storage devices were seized. Those items were searched by the State Patrol’s high-tech crime lab. The devices were found to contain over 140 images of child pornography.

After receiving the results from the crime lab Detectives were able to make an arrest. After making the arrest and conducting further investigation Detectives were able to obtain a second search warrant for the suspect’s Westport residence and seized four more computers and three more external hard drives they believe contain additional child pornography.

The investigation is continuing and the suspect may face additional charges. At this time Detectives do not believe the images located are related to children living in Grays Harbor county.