A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for Grays Harbor County in the Olympic mountains and valleys, including Hurricane Ridge, from 10 am this morning to 6 pm Tuesday. The National Weather Service in Seattle is forecasting 1-2 feet of snow accumulation and noted that Travel could be very difficult to impossible. That same warning is also in place for the entire I-5 corridor, from Seattle to Eugene.

A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for most of the rest of the county and is in effect from 6am this morning to 4 pm this afternoon. They expect the heaviest snowfall of about 3 inches will occur on higher terrain and away from the immediate coastline.

Plan on winter weather driving today. The National Weather Service in Seattle warns that Most of South Grays Harbor County and all of Pacific County to the state line is difficult to forecast today due to the conditions. Mixed precipitation is possible which will mean less snow, and more sleet, freezing rain, or just rain today.

Cold Weather Shelters

Mutliple cold weather shelters in Aberdeen were available but filled up quickly over the weekend, leading to reports of full and closed shelters.

Aberdeen Mayor Erik Larson said in a press release that he called a meeting on Sunday with several organizations involved in serving the homeless population to ensure shelter is available to anyone seeking relief from the elements.

LT Dale Green with the Aberdeen Police Department said on Saturday that the current Aberdeen cold weather shelter was the Harbor Praise Center at 801 W. Wishkah. Demonstrating the need, that shelter had to announce they were closed after quickly filling to capacity.

Mayor Larson said after his meeting that two other shelters were available, Revival of Grays Harbor at 115 W Heron Street, and Save the Nations at 811 W 1st Street. He added that the Union Gospel Mission Day Center is also open 10am-6pm to men, women, and children, providing warm beverages and refreshments.