The Washington Department of Transportation is presenting it’s Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan for public review.
More than 1,100 transportation-improvement projects statewide targetting more than $2.6 billion in federal funds are included in the 3-year plan. It’s more like a shopping list than a to-do list, some of the projects have been there for years. A public comment period is open on the draft version until December 17th.
It includes nearly 53 million in road repairs for Grays Harbor County, about a million for Mason and Pacific Counties, and 4 for Jefferson. It also includes over 50-million for removal of fish barriers on the Olympic Penninsula.

That 53-million for Grays Harbor is mostly to support a move of the Taholah Village, about 10 million is earmarked to make the Aloha Mainline, and McBride road to the Moclips Highway a Tsunami Evacuation Route for Taholah.
22-million also to rebuild the Moclips Olympic highway off of U.S. 101, and 10-million to construct a transportation network for new Upper Village of Taholah.

Local projects include the county’s Curb Safety Project, reconstruction of the Blue Slough Road, replacement of the Garrard Creek, and Delezenne Creek Bridges, work on N Street in Aberdeen, as well as culvert and trail improvements at John Gable Park in Hoquiam.

View the entire plan here.