Preliminary elections results from the November General Election will be available tonight, we’ll have an update on results just after 8 tonight.
Last minute voters will need to get their ballots either in the mail – postmarked with today’s date, dropped off at the County elections office in Montesano, or drop it in one of the county’s drop boxes by 8 tonight.

The State Elections Department said yesterday that Grays Harbor has already returned nearly 25% of its ballots. On those ballots, voters are deciding on a Superior Court Judge, Port Commissioner, two statewide initiatives, and several advisory votes.

Mayors will be decided in Aberdeen, Elma, Hoquiam, Montesano, Ocean Shores, and Westport, as well as too many city council positions to list here.

McCleary residents are deciding on a levy to partially fund police services for the coming year, and voters in Fire District #2 from Central Park to West Montesano will decide on a bond to renovate and expand facilities.

Grays Harbor also has one of the few three-party races since Jim Hudspeth, Cathie Bisiack, and Bill Campbell all filed for the open seat on the Fire District 8 board during a special filing week in May.

Ballot drop-off

Ballot drop-box locations include the Grays Harbor YMCA in Hoquiam, the Convention Center in Ocean Shores, City Hall in Westport, VFW in MCCleary, or the Methodist Church in Oakville. You can also drop off your ballot at the County Auditor’s office in Montesano.

Ballot Drop-Off Sites (pdf)