The Washington State Patrol (WSP) is conducting a statewide “Secure Your Load” emphasis from April 27, 2018, through April 29, 2018. The purpose of the emphasis is to bring awareness to the importance of securing your load. Penalties can range from a $228 citation all the way to criminal charges if property damage or injuries result from the unsecured load. Last year, the WSP contacted 6,268 vehicles for failing to secure their load.


The WSP is committed to keeping our roadways safe by reducing serious injury and fatality collisions. Unsecured loads caused 170 collisions last year on our state highways. 16 of these collisions resulted in injuries.


As the weather continues to improve, more drivers are heading to the landfill due to spring cleaning and yard work. The WSP would like to remind drivers to take the extra time to make sure their load is secure. Those few extra minutes could save a life.