As announced April 15, 2014, after receiving consumer complaints, the Attorney General’s Office began an investigation that led to resolution of alleged violations of the Consumer Protection Act by DISH Network.

DISH agreed to:

  • Refund approximately $2 million to Washington state consumers;
  • Provide additional benefits to consumers that could total up to $3 million; and,
  • Pay the AGO $569,500 for costs and fees.

DISH developed a website that is now live where consumers can submit claims forms for additional benefits that could total up to $3 million. Consumers, who don’t have access to the Internet, and commercial customers, should call 1-866-940-8680 to make a claim. The claim must be submitted by Aug. 17, 2014.

The AGO alleged that DISH began charging its Washington state customers an unlawful monthly line-item surcharge in May of 2012, collecting more than $2 million in surcharges.

Hundreds of thousands of Washington consumers were illegally charged one dollar per-month for up to eight months.

Headquartered in Colorado, DISH sells and distributes digital entertainment programming via satellite to residential and commercial subscribers in all 50 states, including Washington. From May through December of 2012, DISH charged its Washington customers a “WA State Surcharge” or “WA Surcharge” ranging from $1.00 to $1.09—stopping only after the AGO began an investigation.

Refunds will be provided by June 13, 2014. In addition, DISH is also providing affected current customers one of the following three options:

  1. (a) A one-time credit on your DISH bill of $10.00; or
  2. (b) Two free pay-per-view movies (retail value of up to $6.99 each); or
  3. (c) Free access to the EPIX movie channels (channels 380-382 and 292) for two months (retail value of $7.00 per month), with no obligation to subscribe beyond the free two-month access.*†

You must log on or call by August 17, 2014 to submit your claim and receive your choice of options.

For an overview of consumer compensation and further information on the DISH settlement read the April 15, 2014 press release here.