Initial ballot counts are in from the February 12th special election. Local Fire Districts are seeing huge support for levies and housekeeping, and Aberdeen is passing their change to the sales tax rate.

Because there were no state or county-wide votes, the registered voter pool was 10,036 between the affected districts. Of those; 2,158 ballots have been returned and counted so far, with the next update planned for tomorrow (Friday) evening. Although we sometimes see the elections departments post them sooner – watch the website for updates.

Pacific County elections administrators prepared 61 ballots for registered voters in the single fire district which had a vote on the ballot, Fire District #15, which straddles Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties.

Aberdeen voters are approving an increase in their TBD sales tax to support their transportation benefit district by 55.3% with 911 “YES” votes and 736 “NO” votes counted so far.

Fire Districts #3 and #11 in Westport and Grayland are well-supported in closing down their old taxing authorities as they continue the process to merge into the South Beach Regional Fire Authority which assumed the duties, equipment, and personnel from those districts.

Votes in the Quinault, Amanda Park, and Neilton, area are passing an additional EMS Levy of $50,000 for Fire District #4 – that’s about 75¢ per thousand dollars of assessed property value. That vote is passing with 82% support.

Fire District #15 in Artic also seeing huge support for a permanent regular property tax levy of 50¢ per thousand dollars of assessed property value, with over 88% of the “YES” votes. Pacific County voters are also supporting the new tax, with 21 YES votes and 5 NO votes on their single ballot entry for the special election.

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