The US Army is coming to the woods of East Grays Harbor County, but if the 700 military personnel are doing their job we won’t see them much this month.

Manager of the Satsop Business Park, Alissa Shay, told the port commissioners at their meeting earlier this week, “We’re expecting our largest military training ever, this quarter. They’re beginning setup this week and they expect over the next month that over 700 military personnel will be on the ground at one time or another.”

Shay said this isn’t the only branch of the military to train at the site, “110 Chemical Battallion they’re a repeated user of our facilities, they love to train there when there’s no room at JBLM (Joint Base Lewis McChord).” We’ve also covered other agency events at the Satsop Business Park, including the annual Raven’s Challenge.

The public and private sectors of Washington have also been training at the site owned by the Port of Grays Harbor, Shay said, “We’ve had fish and wildlife, CED consolidated electrical distributors, Overstock,com trained about 50 employees while their training room was under construction, and then Northwest Labor, which is a tenant of ours.”

This military group will remain in a wooded area of the park for the duration of their stay, although mobilizing their equipment might get some attention throughout the month.