Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotillas throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana are celebrating National Safe Boating Week and urging all mariners to use safe boating practices, including consistent life jacket wear every time boaters are on the water.

Auxiliarists in Bellevue, Wash., also worked with local city officials to proclaim the week of May 16-22 as National Safe Boating Week in the city.

National Safe Boating Week is an annual event that encourages all boaters to practice safe boating. For more information on National Safe Boating Week as well as general boating safety information, please visit and

“I urge everyone to follow safe boating practices,” said Commodore Richard Coons, Coast Guard 13th District Auxiliary. “Life jackets and sound producing devices are mandatory on all kayaks, rafts, stand-up paddleboards and other small crafts. Remember, life jackets float, you don’t!! I wish you all a fun safe boating season.”

In support of National Safe Boating Week, the flotillas will participate in many activities including walking the docks in local marinas and engaging with recreational boaters about important safety practices. Auxiliarists also plan to be in the classroom promoting safe boating to elementary and middle school students.  Many Auxiliarists participated in Wear Your Life jacket to Work Day on Friday, bringing awareness to the campaign and the efforts of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary is a volunteer organization that exists to support Coast Guard missions. Coast Guard Auxiliary units, or flotillas, promote safety for recreational boaters throughout the year through community outreach.

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