On 12-20-19 at approximately 4:28 PM, the Pacific County Communications Center received a call regarding a two-vehicle head-on collision near the 15900 block of Sandridge road. The caller advised that there was possible entrapment and injuries of occupants in one of the vehicles. Deputies responded to the scene. Upon arrival, they discovered that two vehicles appeared to have collided head-on. One of the vehicles, a gray Jeep Cherokee was resting on its driver’s side down a slight embankment. The other vehicle, described as a red Dodge Ram truck displayed extensive and severe driver’s side front end damage.

Deputies began to gather information and speak to potential witnesses as medical aid attended to the occupants involved from both vehicles. One of the witnesses stated that they observed the red Dodge Ram traveling northbound on Sandridge road. The witness stated that the truck had swerved into the southbound lane of Sandridge road several times prior to the collision.  Deputies interviewed the driver of the Dodge truck and didn’t detect any odor of alcohol.

The driver of the truck also voluntarily provided a breath sample and it was negative for alcohol. Deputies requested that a Washington State Patrol Trooper specializing in drug recognition respond to evaluate the driver. The Trooper concluded that the driver of the truck didn’t appear to be under the influence at the time of his evaluation.

The driver of the Dodge Ram truck received minor injuries and was transported to the hospital. The driver of the Jeep Cherokee and two other occupants also sustained injuries. One occupant of the Jeep Cherokee, a juvenile male, was pronounced dead at Ocean Beach Hospital in Ilwaco at approximately 5:59 PM due to injuries sustained from the collision. 

The collision is still under investigation pending other analysis.