That trick-or-treating policeman this Halloween might actually be an officer there to talk to you about your outstanding warrants. The Mason County Sheriff’s Office says they are actively seeking to locate and arrest individuals with outstanding arrest warrants, and they plan to increase enforcement this week.

Between Tuesday, October 26, 2015, and Saturday, October 31, 2015, teams of deputies and officers will go to homes, businesses, and known hang-outs to find individuals who have failed to contact the court and address their legal issues. The partner agencies all recommend that individuals who have outstanding warrants for their arrest take the initiative to contact the court so they avoid being arrested during the warrant emphasis.

The MCSO and partner agencies have received complaints from citizens that known offenders with outstanding arrest warrants were not being arrested. Unfortunately, ongoing challenges with available space in the Mason County Jail due to staffing levels and construction delays had made it difficult to arrest and hold subjects with warrants. However, with mechanisms in place to address the issue of available bed space, Sheriff Salisbury, MCSO, and Chief Darrin Moody, Shelton Police Department, have tasked their agencies to place an emphasis on arresting individuals with outstanding warrants. The MCSO and SPD have responded by partnering with the Washington State Patrol, Department of Corrections, Squaxin Island Police, Skokomish Police, and MACECOM to seek out and arrest wanted violators.

Although the emphasis is only for five days, Sheriff Salisbury assures that the focus on arresting subjects with outstanding warrants will remain in his agency long after October 31st. Deputies and officers will be encouraged to seek out and arrest subjects with outstanding warrants whenever feasible. If you know the location of someone with a warrant for their arrest, please call the non-emergency number for MACECOM at 360-426-4441 to let us know.