The Travelure Motel in Aberdeen has been given 28 days to clean up its rooms or face fines from the Washington State Department of Health. Aberdeen Mayor Erik Larson said he felt it should be cleaned up sooner, given the hazards to public health that were found during a recent inspection.

Larson said during an interview on CoffeeTalk, “I sent a formal request in that they re-look at their determination because I didn’t feel the things that were on that report; blood contamination, biohazards, health concerns, no hot water. Those are things that are immediate threats to public health, and they’re ongoing.”

After a video showing deplorable conditions at the motel was posted on Youtube, Larson said he asked the state for help. “So I sent it off to the Department of Health and said ‘hey, I’ve got this issue I want you to look at it per RCW-whatever.’ I got a callback from the regional investigator and he had been trying to get into there for a while. You know it’s difficult to get into a facility because if somebody’s staying in the room they can’t inspect it.”

The inspector reviewed 5 rooms, “Grimey and unsanitary” was a phrase used more than 20 times to describe conditions in the 15-page report, which also notes that several of the rooms had residents living in them for extended periods, some for over a year. Aberdeen Zoning Code limits that stay to 30 days by definition.

The inspector noted a 2-liter bottle hanging on a traffic cone outside of the motel, partially filled with hypodermic needles. Needles were also found in the parking lot and flower beds. The report said that people were standing around outside the motel, cussing, arguing, and fighting with each other when the inspector arrived, the report also said people were staggering around appearing inebriated and confronting each other.

The hotel owners said that some of the rooms had long term guests who received their mail there and considered the place their primary residence, some of the rooms had not been entered by staff for over a year.

The state has given the owners until the end of August to correct the conditions unless they file for an extension or the mayor’s appeal shortens that timeline.

View the entire report here: TraveLure Motel-DOH


Here is the video that was posted by a popular video blogger who reviews hotel/motels.