The Grays Harbor Transit Authority has approved the 2018 contract with Grays Harbor EMS to continue funding training for our first responders. A new contract with the authority will change the way they pay (and account) for training in the future.

The transit authority budget includes a $200,000 earmark for the Grays Harbor Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care Council, which was established by the Washington EMS and Trauma Act of 1990. Transit Board president Vickie Raines questioned that funding mechanism in 2016, and has been working with staff to find an alternative since.

Sharryl Bell, with Grays Harbor EMS said that $170-thousand of those funds cover training and grant costs, $30-thousand of the money is earmarked for equipment purchases for firefighters and EMTs in Grays Harbor County.

The new agreement does not exceed $200,000 and includes checks and balances like per-student-reimbursements and registration.