Police and city officials in Aberdeen are hoping to curb a new problem; someone is burning down portable toilets. Fire Chief Tom Hubbard said last week, “We did just have a portable toilet burn to the ground at the North end playfield within the last two weeks we had two burn up at the Finch [spray] park.”

Parks Director Stacie Barnum said yesterday that it’s not just the portable toilets, “In the last – probably three months, we’ve had multiple garbage cans at Pioneer Park burn to the ground because they’re made of plastisol so obviously once it catches on fire it melts.” She said the garbage cans cost the city about $600 each, replacing the portable toilets depends on the contractor.

Hubbard adds, “Arson is arson, and it really needs to be dealt with. What we’re concerned about is if this is somebody that is just ‘playing around with fire’ that they’ll get bored and then they’ll move to bigger things and then you start getting into structures and occupied structures.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Aberdeen Police Department at (360) 533-3180.

Barnum said that the city is working on replacing the rented plastic toilets with prefabricated concrete buildings.