We just witnessed a preview to the fall and winter windstorms two weeks ago. According to the WA State Climatologist Office, the 63 MPH wind speeds that blew through Hoquiam and Westport on August 29th relate to a major wind event with an occurrence of every 2-3 years.

It seems storms are appearing more frequently and with more severity impacting more people and communities. The link below from WA State Emergency Management has some helpful hints on what to do prior to, during and following severe wind events.


Office of Washington State Climatologist Windstorm Categories
Average Peak Instant Gust (mph) Windstorm Category Approximate Return Interval
39-44 Minor Several per year
45-54 Moderate Annual
55-64 Major Once every 2–3 years
65-74 Extreme Once every 5–10 years
75+ Phenomenal Once every 25–50 years


Notable Pacific Northwest windstorms



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