The Chilean Earthquake triggered a tsunami which impacted not only Chile, but other countries such as New Zealand, Ecuador, Polynesia, and even Santa Monica, California. The tsunami wave will even eventually reach the Pacific Northwest this morning, however it will be virtually unnoticeable along our beaches.


The tsunami information provided by the National Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer, Alaska was ferociously received and shared by people throughout the world. Had this been a larger event impacting Washington State, do you know where to obtain the most up to date, valid information for your site specific community?


Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Offers a Variety of Ways to Receive Severe Weather and Emergency and Disaster Information.

During emergency and disaster events, social media becomes a frenzy of information and tends to obtain a life of its own. A tremendous amount of great information is relayed through social media.

Grays Harbor Emergency Management posts the most up to date and verified information available through all of the outlets described below. Please take the time to verify information before you pass it on to others.

•The quickest way to receive emergency and disaster information from Grays Harbor County Emergency Management is to follow us on Facebook and Twitter

•Twitter at:

•Facebook at:

•You can follow the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Website at:

•We recommend all citizens sign up for the Grays Harbor County Notification System for emergency and disaster alerts from Grays Harbor County Emergency Management via phone call, text and e-mail. You must voluntarily sign up for the notification system to receive the alerts at:

•All Grays Harbor County citizens are urged to obtain an All Hazard ALERT Weather Radio for immediate alerts for severe weather and disaster information.

•Remember, television usually DOES NOT broadcast the correct emergency information for your site specific location in Grays Harbor County.

•All local AM/FM radio stations will transmit the most up to date information from Grays Harbor Emergency Management.

•You can also receive an informational e-mail from Emergency Management on a one to two-day basis with information on world disaster events, new information on natural hazards and general preparedness issues. To be added to our e-mail list, send your name and e-mail address to: [email protected]