Timely and concise messaging to alert the public is necessary in any emergency or disaster situation. Wireless Emergency Alerts is a nationwide text system to alert people wherever they may be in the country.


Another tremendous alerting system is an All Hazard “ALERT” Weather Radio. It is essential for all people living in Washington State. It will alert you to various types of disasters and emergencies at the same time the message is being sent to emergency managers and government officials.

For Grays Harbor County, although the alerts are a great way of receiving a message about an emergency or disaster which may affect your location, please remember most alerts will not provide the site specific information you may need to assist you, your family and friends. Please read the Bonus Tips below to be sure you receive the essential notifications and information to assist you during any emergency or disaster event. Also remember to listen to your local radio stations for the latest information for your community.

Bonus Tips!

Grays Harbor County Emergency Notification System

Important emergency information, prior, during and following disaster events is sent via phone, e-mail and text by Grays Harbor Emergency Management via the Grays Harbor County Emergency Notification System. To sign up for emergency information and notifications, go to:

Grays Harbor County Notification System: http://www.co.grays-harbor.wa.us/info/DEM/EMailTWS.asp

Essential information is posted to these three sites:

Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Websitehttp://www.co.grays-harbor.wa.us/info/DEM/Index.asp