The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office has received two reports in the month of November. Both reports were a phone scam targeted at the elderly.
A male subject called both victims, saying that he was from the police department and provided a name and rank. The first one identified himself as “Sgt. Hunter” but did not indicate which department he was from. The second one identified himself as “Capt. Craig Perry” from “Bend Police Dept.” The victims were told that their grandchild was in jail and told the victims to go to Safeway and get $3000 in a Reloadit Gift Card. After getting the Gift Card, they were to call a phone number provided by the subject and give him the numbers off the card. The phone number was different for each victim.
The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office would like the public to be aware of this phone scam. As a general rule, if someone is calling you requesting or demanding money and you do not know who they are, assume that it is a scam and hang up. You also should never provide personal information to anyone over the phone to anyone who calls you.
If you receive any phone calls that are requesting money or personal information, please call your local police department or sheriff’s office and file a report.