Police removed a suspicious device from the scene of a house fire in Hoquiam early this morning. Captain Matt Miller with the Hoquiam Fire Department reported no injuries. He said, “We showed up to a small 1-story, light smoke showing from the back of the house. Threw us all for a loop, in the beginning, it was a red smoke.”

Crews quickly located a fire near the backdoor and light smoke throughout the home, located in the 400 block of 4th Street. Miller said the fire, reported just before 6 AM Tuesday, had lit some linens but was otherwise small, “No heat whatsoever, we did find a device that did not belong.”

Hoquiam Police searched the area and bagged the device for their investigation. Because the device itself is part of the police investigation, and they did not comment at the scene, I’ll wait to hear from them to provide further details.