No injuries were reported from the scene of a stubborn fire in the attic of a Hoquiam home in the 600 block of Perry Street just before 11 PM last night. Crews were on scene until 1:30 am Tuesday morning due to the amount of overhaul required.

The Hoquiam Fire Department says that arriving crews found no sign of fire but light-colored smoke coming from roof vents of the home. They entered the home and did not find smoke at first, but found heat and smoke coming from between the ceiling and a wall in the kitchen.

An Internal, offensive fire attack knocked the fire down quickly. However, crews had to dig into a suspended ceiling where the fire had started to take root to ensure that they had the fire under control.

The fire was burning in the attic space, which the department said the occupant was using as storage. Crews spent a good part of their time removing and clearing boxes of stored clothing and other items which were smolding.