A cross stolen from the Presbyterian Church in Grayland has been recovered. Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate with the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department tells us he attended the Grayland Community Neighborhood Block Watch meeting Wednesday night and was giving information from some of the community members of a possible location of the stolen cross from the church last week.  “One community member claimed to have seen the cross on a trail near the Bongee Avenue Beach Approach while out walking her dog.  This citizen offered to show me the location in the woods.  At approximately 9:00 pm last night, I located the cross near a walking trail that was approximately 150 yards north of the beach approach.  The cross was slightly damaged but appeared to be repairable.  The cross was confiscated and transported back to the sheriff’s office for processing.  The cross was then returned to the church today.”

Investigators with the Sheriff’s Office are still working on identifying the suspect(s) responsible for taking the cross for the church originally.

The cross was reported stolen last weekend.