At a ceremony held in the Capitol Rotunda last week, 25 Washington State Patrol (WSP) troopers were sworn in by the Associate Chief Justice of the Washington State Supreme Court Charles W. Johnson and were presented their commission cards by Governor Jay Inslee and Chief John R. Batiste, who welcomed them into an organization known and trusted by the citizens of Washington State.

After completing over 1,000 hours of training, these men and women will join Washington’s premier law enforcement organization. The Washington State Patrol Academy produces approximately three cadet classes each biennium, which accounts for about 100 to 120 new troopers. Historically, only about four to six percent of the total number of applicants makes the grade in becoming WSP troopers.

“The 25 cadets graduating today endured a rigorous application process, extensive background investigation, and received the best training, unmatched anywhere else in the nation,” said Chief John Batiste. “Today, they will join the ranks of Washington’s finest, as troopers of the Washington State Patrol.”

A tradition that began 93 years ago on June 21, 1921, when six brave men kick-started their Indian motorcycles, strapped on an armband, and started a proud tradition known today as the Washington State Patrol. The tradition continues to this day with the graduation of the 105th Trooper Basic Training Class at the Capitol Rotunda, signaled by the stream of shiny white SUV patrol vehicles parked in the lanes leading up to the Capitol steps.

During the ceremony, the Core Values Award was presented to Trooper Carlos N. Mata. This award is presented to the trooper cadet who most typifies the Training Division Core Values which include: strong leadership, effective partnerships, professional excellence, acting with integrity and accountability, respecting and protecting individual rights, and earning the trust and confidence of the public.  The recipient of this award was determined by an anonymous vote of his classmates, and is sponsored by the Washington State Patrol Memorial Foundation. This award honors the most recent State Patrol employee to give his life in service to the citizens of the state of Washington. Trooper Brent L. Hanger died in the line of duty on August 6, 2015.  The award was presented today in Trooper Hanger’s honor by his wife Lisa Hanger.
In addition to this award, Chief Batiste presented six trooper cadets with awards at a ceremony held on November 18, 2015, during an open house at the WSP Academy. These awards included:

Top Driving Award
Presented to Trooper Carlos N. Mata; this award recognizes the highest level of proficiency with respect to driving skills and techniques, decision-making and mind-set, and steady and constant improvement through each phase of drivers training.

Top Firearms Award
Presented to Trooper Joshua S. Bacheller; this award recognizes the highest level of proficiency with all weapon systems, marksmanship scores and skills, and demonstration of sound judgment during practical encounter scenarios.

Top Fitness Award
Presented to Trooper Joshua S. Bacheller; this award recognizes the highest level of drive and tenacity in physical fitness testing and training. The recipient of this award consistently performed at the top of the Trooper Basic Training Class during physical training.

Top Academic Award
Presented to Trooper Michael S. Hilt; this award recognizes the outstanding efforts of the cadet who attains the highest grade point average compiled from over 30 tests and quizzes during training. The class average GPA for the 105th Trooper Basic Training Class was 87%; Trooper Hilt’s GPA was an impressive 93%.

Top Collision Investigation Award
Presented to Trooper Timothy M. Hopper; this award recognizes the highest level of proficiency regarding collision investigation, including mathematical computation, scene investigation, information and evidence gathering, report writing, and teamwork.

Top Control Tactics Award

Presented to Trooper David Munoz; this award recognizes the highest level of proficiency in control tactics techniques, to include self-defense, handcuffing, searching and use of force thought process.

Top Overall Cadet Award
Presented to Trooper Carlos N. Mata; this award recognizes the trooper cadet who demonstrated great courage to overcome obstacles, unwavering dedication to stay focused on reaching their goals, and their ability to give 100% in every aspect of their training. Trooper Mata demonstrated the necessary skills, abilities, and judgment to be an excellent trooper, and made extra efforts to continuously make improvements.




Name Number Final Assignment Home Town
1 Allen, Nicholas J. 1006 District 7 Monroe Benton City, WA
2 Bacheller, Joshua S. 1002 District 7 Monroe Spokane, WA
3 Binion, Breanna L. 1000 District 7 Monroe Monroe, WA
4 Black, Aleksander D. 993 District 8 Forks Spokane, WA
5 Bulley, Richard P. 992 District 8 Hoquiam Elma, WA
6 Chase, Steven T. 981 District 2 Bellevue Puyallup, WA
7 Gallenger, Dean L. 904 District 5 Goldendale Yakima, WA
8 Heck, Matthew D. 879 District 7 Monroe Maryville, WA
9 Hilt, Michael S. 850 District 7 Marysville Sioux Center IA
10 Hopper, Timothy M. 761 District 8 Shelton Waxhaw, NC
11 Jones, Seth C. 501 District 8 Port Townsend Tumwater, WA
12 Lindemann, Kyle M. 702 District 8 Naselle Vancouver, WA
13 Mata, Carlos N. 700 District 3 Grandview Mattawa, WA
14 Munoz, Daniel 635 District 6 Basin Yakima, WA
15 Munoz, David 590 District 6 Basin Yakima, WA
16 Parham, Matthew S. 529 District 8 Port Townsend Kennewick, WA
17 Powers, Abigayle A. 521 District 7 Maryville Sequim, WA
18 Schob, Jessica E. 492 District 7 Marysville Ione, CA
19 Simmons, Douglas A. 468 District 2 Bellevue Snoqualmie, WA
20 Smith, Nicholas 384 District 1 Tacoma Oregon, IL
21 Stell, Christopher H. 377 District 8 Naselle Tacoma, WA
22 Stombaugh, Kyle J. 375 District 1 Olympia Puyallup, WA
23 Timchak, Daniel R. 358 District 2 Bellevue Bothell, WA
24 Wallace, Jeffrey A. 352 District 5 Chehalis Vancouver, WA
25 Yarbrough, C. Kyle 301 District 2 Bellevue Tallahassee, FL