The intersection at the South end of the Chehalis River Bridge was backed up for most of Wednesday after a fully-loaded log truck lost it’s load around 9:30 yesterday.
Aberdeen Police Captain John Green reports no injuries, the 47 year old driver reported something broke on his trailer, causing it to tip onto its side as the driver rounded the corner at the traffic light on the south end of the bridge. Green said witnesses corroborated that speed did not seem to be a factor in the rollover. WSP Commerical Motor Vehicle Troopers were called to the scene and inspected the truck/trailer. At this time the driver and truck owner Coastal Fibre LLC were not cited. Rognlin’s General Contractors assisted in the removal of the truck/trailer and wood debris from the roadway, restoring traffic flow at approximately 4PM.

In the first minutes on-scene all lanes of traffic were blocked. Approximately eight citizens willingly assisted in moving wood debris to clear a southbound lane enabling traffic to move. APD would like to thank those who assisted.