A special 3-day filing period wrapped up on Friday with 4 more filings, Ray Springer will now challenge Logan Livingston for Jasmine Dickoff’s Ward 2 Hoquiam Council Seat. Doreen Cato is unapposed for a seat on the North Beach School Board. Michael Pauley will challenge Thom Wescott for the open seat on Fire District 10’s board. Steve Mittge will run unopposed for re-election on the Oakville School Board on the Grays Harbor and Lewis County ballot.

With 4 new filings Thursday, 3 of them were for the 3rd Board seat on Fire District 8, so we’ll see a three-person race on the November General we’ll see Jim Hudspeth challenge Cathie Bisiack, and Bill Campbell on the Pacific Beach ballot for that seat, because they filed during the special period they move on to the Primary regardless of the number.
Thom Westcott filed for the vacant Board seat on Fire District 10 in Wishkah.

On Wednesday Logan Livingston filed to run for Jasmine Dickoff’s Hoquiam Council seat in Ward 2, Mary Ann Palmer filed for an open school board seat in Cosmopolis.
John ‘Pete’ Colean has filed to run for an open Board seat in Fire District 3, while Mark Baxter and James Hatton both filed for the second Fire District 8 board seat.
Left unfilled at the end of the Special 3-day Filing Period are all 3 Cemetery District board seats, all 5 Parks District seats, 2 seats on Water District 8, 2 seats on Fire District 4 in Quinault, and one seat on Fire District 6 in North Hoquiam.
Fire District 4 Position 1
Fire District 4 Position 2
Fire District 6 Position 1
Parks District 1 Position 1
Parks District 1 Position 2
Parks District 1 Position 3
Parks District 1 Position 4
Parks District 1 Position 5
Cemetery District 1 Position 1
Cemetery District 1 Position 2
Cemetery District 1 Position 3
Water District 8 Position 1
Water District 8 Position 3