The City of Aberdeen will hold a special council meeting tonight to conduct business intended for a meeting last week that was canceled when notice of the meeting was not issued within the required time.

The agenda for tonight’s meeting is mostly the same, with the exception that a public hearing planned for last week on a Temporary use permit for a homeless mitigation site at 421 Michigan Street will instead be held at their regular meeting on October 9th. Talk of that agenda item boosted attendance at what would have been last week’s meeting when over 50 people showed up to speak at the public hearing.

View the entire agenda for tonights meeting here:

The council will hold the third reading of a proposed ordinance to prohibit public access to City-owned property West of the Chehalis River Bridge between the South Aberdeen Levee and the river for public safety, and public welfare reasons. The public hearing on that matter was held during their September 11th meeting. After the third reading, it becomes city ordinance and police will be able to vacate the property.