A husband and wife from Spanaway barely made it out of the water after being caught in a rip current on the beach at Ocean Shores.

At 12:52pm on Monday, a caller reported to the 911 Center that a man was screaming for help in the surf near the Chance ala Mer beach approach.

When the Police and Fire units arrived on scene at 12:57pm, the 44-year old male victim was on the beach but having difficulty breathing. He said that his wife had been caught in a rip current and he went to help her, but got caught himself. His 43-year old wife was still in the surf, about 300 feet off shore and beyond the breakers.

A 29-year old man from Lynnwood used his boogie board to reach the woman and bring her close to shore. They were met by Paramedics who helped get the woman into an ambulance.

Both victims were treated on scene for exhaustion and ingesting seawater, and were then transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital.