A fire that destroyed an Aberdeen home overnight is under investigation. Battalion Chief Troy Palmer said in a press release that they were called to a working structure fire on the 400 block of W. King St. in South Aberdeen at 1:30 am Monday morning. The first engine on scene reported that the entire back half of the structure was involved in fire.

Two occupants of the home had safely evacuated. Palmer said that they took a defensive firefighting stance as additional units arrived on the scene from headquarters in North Aberdeen. The residence was approximately 800 square feet so the fire quickly involved the entire building. Defensive firefighting was continued until the fire was brought under control enough to allow firefighters inside to completely extinguish the remaining fire.

The fire took approximately 45 minutes to bring under control. The home was valued at approximately $31,000 and is considered a total loss.

A total of 18 firefighters responded from Aberdeen on 1 Command Unit, 2 Engines, 1 Ladder Truck, 3 Medic Units, as well as the Fire Chief and Asst. Chief. 2 firefighters responded from Hoquiam on an automatic aid Engine.

1 firefighter was injured, sustaining some minor burns that were treated on the scene and did not require transport to the hospital. The fire is still under investigation at the time of this press release.