A big thank you to the families and businesses that contributed to the Hoquiam Police Department during their Chief for a Day program. Police Chief Jeff Myers said “I want to thank everyone out there in Grays Harbor. You know we may be a small community, we have a lot of challenges and we often focus on the negative. But when you see a program like this come together, and you see the love in the donations that come from us, it really shows you what a special kind of place this is.”
The department even received a mysterious donation for Dylan Ellefson, in an unmarked envelope. Myers said jokingly “It was thick and bulky I thought it was like a letter bomb. So I gave it to my Deputy Chief to open then I ran to my office. Inside of it was a piece of paper folded up, there were four coin sleeves taped to the paper. Each coin sleeve had a $100 bill in it, and when you unwrapped the $100 bill there were four solid gold coins.”
They don’t know who donated the coins but Myers adds “I’m hoping through getting the word out that whoever donated this wonderful, unexpected, and extremely benevolent gift will know that it was received, and greatly appreciated.” The 4 gold coins, two South African Krugerrands, and two American Eagles, will be sold, and the money used to setup a college fund for Dylan.