On Tuesday, November 5th, the Grays Harbor County taxsifter and mapsifter websites that host all property tax and assessment information (for counties statewide) had a major server crash.  This server crash has affected all of the counties across the state of Washington that use this same system.  All of the assessment and tax data is safe but the server that hosts their public website is currently down. Assessor Dan Lindgren with the Grays Harbor County Assessor’s Office said that Thomson Reuters, their software vendor is diligently working to replace the damaged server and get these sites back up and functioning as quickly as they can.  He added in a press release Wednesday, “We do not expect this to be a long term outage but currently have no ETA for the sites to be back up. “

Lindgren said, “The Grays Harbor County Assessor and Treasurer would like to relay our sincere apologies for any inconveniences that this may cause the many people that use our public website in their daily work and property research.” adding, “We know how important this information is to you.”

The Assessor concluded with an apology to those who use the site, “We work hard to provide as much data to the public as we can but unfortunately, even technology sometimes can break.  Be assured that this issue is our top priority right now and that every effort is being made to get this fixed.” 

Lindgren said this morning that the server has been replaced and the site is back up and everything is now back to normal