Billowing steam from Grays Harbor Energy at the Satsop Business Park is sometimes reported as a forest fire along US Highway 12 in Elma. The time of year doesn’t seem to matter either, we’ve seen reports of barn burners in January. Nighttime and early-morning hours seem to add to the confusion, as light from the plant and nearby parking lots illuminates the steam plume.

The facility consists of two gas-fired GE Frame 7FA combustion turbines and one GE steam turbine generator operating in combined-cycle mode with duct firing.

Purchased by Invenergy in 2014

The Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council reports that the project originally produced a nominal output of approximately 530 megawatts, with a maximum output of approximately 650 megawatts. A state-approved upgrade in 2011 doubled that maximum amount and changed the site name to Grays Harbor Energy Center.