The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office confirmed today that the skull found by a crabber in Westport is not that of missing McCleary girl, Lindsey Baum.
Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate tells us in February they responded to a report of a partial human skull found in a crab pot by a local fisherman. The crab pot had been placed approximately 3 miles off shore and south west of Grays Harbor Bar when the skull was located.
The skull was eventually turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigations for DNA analysis. This week we learned that the DNA profile did not match that of the missing McCleary girl, Lindsey Baum.
The DNA profile was entered into CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) however no matches were found. At this point, the DNA profile indicated that the skull was that of a female however it is unknown at this time how old the skull is.
The reports from FBI are expected within the next few weeks.