With not much change from the latest numbers at the Grays Harbor County Elections Office, Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson said this afternoon that he is conceding his race for re-election. That leaves Jack Micheau and Erik Larson as the top two candidates in the August Primary, and they’ll move on to the November General Election in their run for Aberdeen Mayor.
Simpson said from his front room this afternoon “It has been a great ride. It has been a pleasure to be the mayor of the great city for the past 8 years. We weathered significant mill closures, a national recession, and still came out financially strong with our sights on the future.”
Looking at completing his second term as mayor Simpson said now he can focus on his last four months in office, like balancing a $50-million annual budget.
Simpson said he did have regrets “I am disappointed that I won’t be at the helm of the ship when Aberdeen opens its new Gateway Center, and navigate it through conversion to a tourism economy.
I will do my best to continue to guide Aberdeen in the next few months, so that my successor is given every opportunity to succeed.
The position of mayor is the most important position at the city. I wish Jack and Erik both the best of luck as they continue their campaigns, and clarify their goals for the city. It is my hope that my successor will continue building upon the foundation that has been laid so that the city of Aberdeen can continue revitalization.”

While he didn’t want to say who he plans to vote for now, Simpson said he hopes that the next mayor is able to be as involved in the community as he was. The $12-thousand a year job easily involved 30 to 40 hours a week of his time.