The homecoming dance was postponed at North Beach High School over the weekend. Threats made against the school were credible enough that one juvenile was arrested. Undersheriff Dave Pimentel with the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office tells us that on Saturday, October 17, a 17-year-old Ocean Shores resident was arrested for making threats to enter the North Beach High School Homecoming Dance and shoot up the school.

In the late morning hours of the 17th Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the threats from the North Beach High School administration. Students had come to the administration of the school with concerns that they had heard that this student planned on coming to the dance with a firearm with the intent of assaulting attendees.

This particular student had been contacted by school staff members in the previous weeks for doing research on assault rifles on his laptop during school hours and researching recent school shootings. Numerous students were contacted by the Sheriff’s Office and the Ocean Shores Police Department as part of this investigation into the alleged threats. Several students reported hearing the rumors and a few others confirmed that they actually heard the subject making the threats. While the investigation was ongoing, the North Beach School District Superintendent made the decision to postpone the dance in the interest of safety to students and staff. Deputies and Officers from the Ocean Shores Police Department went to the suspect’s home where they were given permission to search the home. No weapons were located nor any type of evidence that would indicate this was a planned attack on the school and students.

Family members informed law enforcement of the subject’s location. The subject was located in Shelton where he was taken into custody by Shelton Police Department and transported to Grays Harbor County and was booked into the Juvenile Detention Center for Felony Harassment. The suspect was interviewed by Sergeant Darrin Wallace. He admitted to saying something to the effect of shooting up the school but claims he was doing it in a joking manner and had no intention of going to the homecoming dance nor to ever shoot up the North Beach High School.

These types of comments, whether said in jest or in a joking manner, will be fully investigated by law enforcement and dealt with appropriately.