Shelton Police are asking for community help in locating any witnesses to an incident that occurred at a local fast food restaurant. On 11-30-2015 at approximately 10:30 PM a male subject walking on 1st Street approached a young female employee that had just gotten off work at Dairy Queen. The male inappropriately touched the female employee while she was standing outside the establishment waiting for a ride. The female employee actively resisted and punched the male subject, he then fled on foot towards Alder St. Unfortunately the victim waited to call law enforcement and police were not notified of the incident until approximately 20 minutes after it occurred. An extensive search of the area followed however the suspect was not located.

The suspect is described as a white male, about 5’-10”, about 30-years-old, with shoulder length dark blonde hair, wearing a long dark jacket, baggy jeans, dark shoes, and smelled of alcohol. The victim stated that the suspect had dark bushy eyebrows, and stubble facial hair.

The Shelton Police Department applauds the victim actively resisting the suspect, in addition we would encourage victims or citizens who may witness these incidents to yell and draw attention of possible help nearby. Try to stay in pairs and be in well-lit areas, also program your cell phone with 911 so that you can quickly call for help if needed.

If you have any information regarding this case please contact the Shelton Police Department at 360-426-4441; related case # 15-S09624.