A Shelton man died while fishing on Lake Nahwatzel yesterday, Detective William Adam with the Mason County Sheriff’s Office reports at about 3:52 Wednesday afternoon their 9-1-1 center received a call that a boater at Lake Nahwatzel found a deceased male floating just below the surface of the water.

Deputies, Fire Aid Rescue and Fish & Wildlife Agents all responded and recovered a man from the water. His fishing boat was found afloat close by. No foul play appeared to have occurred.

The Mason County Coroner’s Office responded and the opinion was that the man had possibly suffered a cardiac episode of some type, either before or after falling out of his fishing boat. An autopsy scheduled for this week should provide definitive answers.

Mason County Coroner Wes Stockwell stated that the next of kin has been notified and released the name of the deceased male as 75 year old Rodney Joe Michaelis of Shelton.

Lake Nawatzel is located roughly 13 miles west of Shelton and is a popular location for many water activities.