A 65-year old Seattle man was rescued from the ocean at Ocean Shores, after being caught in the surf while fishing. Sgt. David McManus said in a press release that the Grays Harbor E911 center received a call at 5:25 pm Friday reporting that a man was about 90 feet off the shore. The caller said the man was waving his arms and trying to stay afloat. This was on the beach a short distance south of the Taurus Blvd. SW beach approach.

The first Ocean Shores Police Officers were on scene in about a minute, but by that time the man was floating in the water and not moving. Officer Chris Iversen put on a life vest and waded into the surf. He was in the water chest-deep when he was able to reach the man and begin pulling him ashore.

Responding Fire Department personnel also entered the water and they pulled the man to the shore, where they immediately began CPR. The man was then transported by ambulance to Community Hospital. As of the Friday morning press release, the man “had a strong heartbeat and was being treated.”

The victim’s brother was on the beach with him, also surf fishing. It is believed that a wave either knocked the man off his feet or he stepped into a hidden trough in the sand, then he was pulled away from shore by a rip current.