King County Sheriff John Urquhart says he has placed a veteran deputy on administrative leave after the deputy drew his gun on a motorcyclist during a traffic stop.

Motorcyclist Alex Randall said after sharing his video on Facebook he was contacted by several lawyers. He pulled the video from Facebook before moving it to youtube, where it has been viewed about 125,000 times since August 28th.

Randall captured the encounter on his helmet camera as slows at a red light on August 16th between Seattle and Shoreline. He later says in his youtube video that he didn’t have any footage from before the incident, where the deputy accuses him of exceeding 100 miles per hour and passing on the right. Randall also notes that he didn’t get a ticket.

Urquhart wrote on his Facebook page Tuesday that “With the caveat that I have not yet heard the other side of the story, I was deeply disturbed with the conduct and tactics that were recorded.” The deputy’s name was not immediately released.

The Associated Press and KIRO-TV contributed to this story.