A scout leader was found in good health after he was lost along the Mt. Washington trails in Mason County for nearly 24 hours. Detective William Adam tells said they received the report the evening of September 18th that a Scout Leader was missing somewhere up one of the Mt. Washington trails. It was explained to responding Deputies that there was a sick Scout, so one of the Scout leaders stayed behind while the other Scout leaders lead a hike up Mt. Washington with the rest of the troop. When the rest of the troop returned before 4 PM, they found the sick Scout, but the Scout leader was missing.

The other Scout leaders and Scouts looked for the Scout leader with negative results and finally called 911. Deputies from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office along with Fire Fighters from Mason County District #18 all responded. Search & Rescue volunteers from Olympic Mountain Rescue, Mason County Search & Rescue, German Shepherd SAR Dogs, and K-9 SAR from Pierce County also responded and searched for the missing Scout leader.

On September 19, 2015 around 3:15 PM, the Scout leader was found in great shape and returned to his family. The Scout leader was identified as Boyd Sven Sluyter, 51 years old from Spanaway, WA.

Sluyter informed Deputies that he made sure that the sick Scout was okay and then went to find the rest of the troop. Sluyter stated that due to the fog, onset of darkness and getting stuck on a steep slope, he decided to stop. Sluyter built a fire to keep warm and waited until daybreak.

Sheriff Casey Salisbury stated that he is so very thankful to his Deputies, the Firefighters and the Search & Rescue volunteers from our county as well as from the other counties that all responded to make this mission a success. It was also wise for the Scout leader to stay put in order for SAR members to find him.