Aberdeen police were called to a fight during a concert at the D & R Theater Saturday, the caller told 911 “the guitarist pulled out a lighter and hairspray and sprayed the crowd.”
Police responded around 9:30 Saturday night. Black Top Demon was on stage at the time. Video from that night showed someone spraying beer at guitarist Joe Ty while he was playing. The off-camera hand then throws the can, and Ty walks toward the rear of the stage, however the footage we have cuts off before the reported incident.

Police logs from that night show several people were interviewed and released, they said Ty lit a lighter and sprayed hairspray at the man who threw the beer, lighting his hat and hair on fire. The man left the concert, “in good spirits” and saying “that’s rock and roll.” After police took reports, some comments were made that Ty should be ejected, but owner John Yonich only requested extra security and the band continued to play.

The victim was contacted at another bar nearby, the police report said he was “intoxicated, and smelled of burnt hair.” He told officers he did not want to press charges, adding repeatedly “that’s rock and roll.” Police were not able to find any other victims. Sources tell us no arrest were made that night, investigators are looking at footage to determine if criminal charges could be pending.

Police were called to the theater again around 10:15 Saturday night to the report of two women fighting, no details are available yet on that call.