Washington Rep. Jim Walsh (R-Aberdeen) issued the following statement on Seattle’s proposed employee head tax. The employee hours tax will apply to companies with $20 million or more annually in taxable gross receipts according to the city’s business and occupation (B&O) tax.

“The business climate in Seattle is reaching an inflection point. You can call it a sort of negative critical mass. The radical posers who’ve dominated local government there for the past few decades have ruined just about everything. Housing is expensive. Traffic is a tangled mess. Vagrants and squatters are more important to city bureaucrats that working families. The city’s public schools push radical ideologies. Making IV drug users comfortable is a major policy priority. Sodas are taxed—and now employees will be, more, with the ridiculous head tax Seattle’s City Council has proposed.

“We can’t let this mess infect the rest of the state. We can’t let it keep chasing Washington employers off to Idaho or Nevada or Texas. I’ve reached out to the executives of the companies most likely to be hurt by the head tax and invited them to visit the 19th legislative district and consider moving their operations here permanently.

“The southwest corner of Washington is a great place to run a business. We’re positioned on I-5, between Seattle and Portland. You can send a truck to either place in a few hours. We have good infrastructure and multiple ports, including two deep-water facilities in Longview and Grays Harbor, which can get ships to Asia more quickly and cheaply than the Puget Sound’s ports. We have clean air, clean sewage-free water and lots of room. We have beaches, streams and marinas for fishing and some of the best hunting in the world. Housing is relatively cheap and, in some cases, historic. Most importantly, we have hearty, hard-working people who appreciate businesses that want to grow and prosper!

“Washington businesses don’t have to put up with the nonsense going on in Seattle right now. They don’t have to tolerate Kshama Sawant’s remedial ravings. They don’t have to work with public officials afraid to challenge Socialist wannabes. They don’t have to enable politicians who show up at their shop floors or offices for photo ops—and then stab them in the backs with higher taxes, denser red tape and other bad policy.

“I encourage Amazon, Vigor Shipyards, Starbucks and other companies interested in a good business culture and quality of life to come to the 19th district. There’s a reason Sam Benn and R.A. Long founded cities here. It’s a great place to be. Leave your mailing address in Jet City, if you have to, but bring your heads to where they won’t be taxed. They’ll live better.”