Rep. Jim WalshR-Aberdeen, released the following statement regarding a King County judge’s decision to block a $30 car tab measure from taking effect. Voters approved Initiative 976 earlier this month.

“This decision from a King County judge is a failure of the state’s judicial branch. As a result, it is urgent that the Legislature call a special session to rectify this failure and mistake.

“We must restore the proper balance of power among the branches of state government. One judge in King County cannot overturn the will of the people of Washington. The Legislature must step up and do its job to express the will of the people. 

“The Legislature must pass simple and clear legislation that reflects the people’s decision that a limit be put on automobile registration fees that keeps them at or near $30.

“If the Legislature does not convene this special session immediately and reflect the voters’ decision on car tabs, we risk all branches of state government losing legitimacy in the eyes of the people. Already we are hearing Washingtonians despair saying ‘What’s the use of voting?’ This cannot stand. This is a constitutional crisis.

“The Legislature must convene a special session to fix this problem now.”