Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad (PSAP) announced this week that it will be upgrading and improving railroad crossings in Grays Harbor. Specifically, plans include work at public grade crossings located at South Newell Street, Chehalis Street, Tyler Street and Fleet Street in Aberdeen. Work will include removing the existing “tub style” crossings; replacing ties, rail and ballast rock; installing pre-cast concrete crossing panels; and raising the elevation to better match Wishkah Boulevard (Hwy 12).


“The Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad is making these investments as part of our long-term commitment to the citizens and businesses of Grays Harbor County. We know how important infrastructure improvements are in supporting existing and future economic development,” says Joel Haka, Puget Sound & Pacific president. “While we will work diligently to minimize traffic disruptions during these railroad crossing projects, the long-term benefits to enhance safety and improve quality of life for everyone will be significant.”


The PSAP has invested more than $5.6 million in track upgrades since being acquired two years ago by Genesee & Wyoming, which owns 116 short line and regional freight railroads. To ensure high quality service the railroad plans to spend another $4.1 million on PSAP rail infrastructure in the next 12 months.


“In addition to the crossing upgrades, our 2015 plans include upgrading bridges, replacing ties, switches, and  curve rail along other sections of the railroad,” added Josh Connell, Puget Sound & Pacific general manager.


About Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad

Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad (PSAP) transports freight over 108 miles of track in Northwest Washington, interchanging with BNSF Railway and Union Pacific Railroad.  Major commodities include lumber, automobiles, agricultural products, waste, food and kindred products, and chemicals for pulp and paper mills. PSAP provides the vital link between the Port of Grays Harbor and the national rail freight network.  PSAP employees live and work in the same communities they serve and are committed to safely and efficiently supporting the growth that they help bring to the region.

PSAP was acquired in 2012 by Genesee & Wyoming, North America’s largest owner of short line and regional freight railroads and a safety leader in the industry.  See www.gwrr.com/psap