The Grays Harbor PUD Commissioners have picked their new Community and Government Relations Director and they picked someone who has already excelled at both on the harbor, Ian Cope.
Cope said after his first meeting on that side of the table yesterday “It’s great to come back to the harbor, and I look forward to working with everyone here to do everything we can to let people know what’s happening with their power system, why things are happening, and why it’s important.
Former News Director for Grays Harbor Radio, and most recently Broadcast Coordinator for the Senate Democratic Caucus in Olympia, he said his experience spans the issues of public power. “I’ve seen a number of the committee hearings and heard a number of the bills go before those committees and seen how important they are and how passionate people are about it. There’s a lot of education that needs to take place, people need to know what’s being done here and I’m looking forward to being the person to do that.
Cope said he looks forward to working with his predecessor Liz Anderson, she also held both positions and now holds a similar position with the Washington PUD Association. Cope lives in Montesano, and never really left the airwaves – he announces high school sports on another radio station who’s name escapes me.