The public comment period opened earlier this month on a Wilderness Stewardship Plan in the Olympic National Park.
The National Park Service reports four alternatives are being discussed, a public meeting has been set for March 26th from 5 – 7pm at the Lake Quinault School to detail the options.

The no action alternative (Alternative A), is defined as the continuation of existing management practices. This alternative is required by law to be considered during the planning process. It sets a baseline of existing impacts continued into the future against which to compare impacts of the other alternatives.

There are also 3 action alternatives identified as Alternatives B, C, and D. The action alternatives must all be consistent with the various laws, regulations, and policies that guide management of the park. In addition, all of the alternatives would protect the qualities of wilderness character as required by the Wilderness Act of 1964.

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ONP_WSP_Draft_Zones_FULL_TABLE.pdfONP_WSP_Draft_Zones_FULL_TABLE.pdf   (244.7 KB, PDF file)
ONP_WSP_Wilderness_Zones_Alt_B.jpgONP_WSP_Wilderness_Zones_Alt_B.jpg   (1.3 MB, Image file)
ONP_WSP_Wilderness_Zones_Alt_C.jpgONP_WSP_Wilderness_Zones_Alt_C.jpg   (1.3 MB, Image file)
ONP_WSP_Wilderness_Zones_Alt_D.jpgONP_WSP_Wilderness_Zones_Alt_D.jpg   (1.3 MB, Image file)
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