Election day is next week, the Grays Harbor County Auditor’s office reports they have mailed out 37,375 ballots, and have already processed almost 9,000 Elections Supervisor Katy Moore tells us early voter turnout is just over %23.

Moore reminds voters to make sure they get their ballots in the mail on time, she said any ballots postmarked after November 4th will not get counted in the November General Election. “I did a quick survey of the post offices in our county asking what time they change the postmark date on mail. The times are different depending on if the mail is dropped off at the local post office or put in one of their blue collection boxes.”

Mail ballots dropped off after the cutoff time are postmarked with the NEXT day’s date.

City                   Post Office Cutoff            Collection Box Cutoff

Aberdeen                 5 p.m.                                    1 p.m.

Hoquiam                   5:00                                       1:00

Cosmopolis              5:00                                       1:00

Montesano              5:00                                       1:30

Elma                           4:00                                       2:00

McCleary                  3:30                                       1:30

Ocean Shores          4:30                                       11 a.m.

Moore adds “You made the effort to vote and put the ballot in the mail. Make sure it counts by putting it in the mail early enough to be dated correctly!”

If do wait until the last minute, make sure your ballot is counted by putting it in one the drop box locations around the county, they are kept open until 8 p.m. on election day.